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Come Work With Us! Now Hiring: Admin Assistant & Education Assistant

Friday, November 09, 2018 10:54 AM | Anonymous
We are hiring for two positions in our Edmonton office:
  • Administrative Assistant: part-time permanent, and
  • Education Assistant: part-time, temporary (to cover for Jocelyn while she is on practicum)

Short descriptions of the positions are listed below with a link to download the full job posting. 

Please share with your connections who may be the right fit!

How to Apply

Send a cover letter and your resume to by November 26, 2018.  No phone calls please.  Only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.

Administrative Assistant, ADR Institute of Alberta

Type of Position: Part time, permanent
Hours: Average 20/week
Location: Edmonton

Position Description

As the ADRIA Administrative Assistant, your responsibilities include member services administration; working with the Executive Director & the Board of Directors, and supporting a small office team. The successful candidate will have strong problem-solving and technology skills, and must possess:

  • strong oral and written communication skills;
  • excellent interpersonal skills and professionalism;
  • excellent organizational and time management skills;
  • the ability to work independently, but also as an integral part of an effective team;
  • creativity and initiative, paired with a willingness to embrace new ideas or programs;
  • patience, paired with a sincere desire to work collaboratively with, or in support of others; and
  • good judgement, paired with effective decision-making skills.

This position requires a degree of flexibility as the successful candidate will be required to provide occasional after-hours and/or extra-hours support for special events, periods of high demand or activity, and vacation coverage for team members.  The organization itself is also flexible in terms of accommodating its employees’ personal and professional pursuits.

Download the Full Job Posting with Further Details

Education Assistant, ADR Institute of Alberta

Type of Position: Part time, temporary (January to April 2019)
Hours: Average 15-20/week
Location: Edmonton

Job Description

The Education Assistant is often the first point of contact for students and potential students, as well as for our coaches and instructors.  As such, the Education Assistant must be able to communicate course and program details over the phone, in person, and via email in a timely and accurate manner.  The Education Assistant is responsible for:

  • ensuring all course materials are prepared and delivered for courses in both Edmonton and Calgary, as well as for any private contracts
  • ensuring students, coaches, and instructors have what they need to successfully participate in courses
  • communicating all course results with students in a timely and empathic manner, ensuring quality of student feedback and student experience 
  • advising students in next steps and ensuring that students are supported in their learning journey
  • answering student questions about scheduling, course content, equivalencies, prerequisites and designations by phone and through email
  • assisting in scheduling courses and selecting instructors/coaches
  • booking and setting up facilities for courses
  • maintaining Course Calendar on website
  • maintain Training & Professional Development website pages, updating information when necessary
  • format course documents, manuals and PowerPoint presentations 

The Education Assistant must be able to work within a provided framework, using and updating existing databases, files, and applications to maintain and access student and course information. The successful candidate will possess excellent organization and communication (written and verbal) skills and will have up to date technological capabilities (such as expert use of Microsoft Office suite and Google Apps, web-based collaborative tools, web-page management/editing, excellent email etiquette).

Download the Full Job Posting with Further Details

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