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Why Should Organizations Care about Workplace Restoration?

Monday, September 03, 2018 11:36 AM | Anonymous

Research shows that the cost of workplace mental health issues can be significant. According to the MHCC, Mental Health disability leaves cost $50.8 billion per year in health care and work disruption. Not only that but financial awards for damages caused by mental injury at work have increased over the past five years by as much as 700%.

Both provincial and federal occupational health legislation has incorporated the concept of mental injury in the workplace and specific workplace accountabilities, with reference to harassment (Bill 30, Bill C-65). When businesses adopt policies and programs to address psychological safety and health they incur 15-33% fewer costs related to psychological health issues.

This November, ADRIA is partnering with the Workplace Fairness Institute to offer training to better equip yourself to improve workplace health, both to meet legislative standards and to increase workplace productivity.

What is important about effective conflict management systems today? 

Employers have a duty to take all reasonable steps to protect workers from being injured in the workplace – both physically and psychologically. They must ensure the workplace is free from psychological hazards that could cause harm to worker’s mental health. These measures not only ensure that organizations are complying with provincial and federal legislation, but it also creates an environment where members of a team can feel safe for interpersonal risk-taking; employees are empowered to work more effectively.

By investing in effective conflict management systems, organizations can:

  • Reduce people and cost risks related to mental health
  • Promote productivity and engagement
  • Reduce potential liabilities related to the workplace legislation and employee mental illness
  • Develop and continuously improve work environments

By developing skills in effective conflict management, you and your organization will be prepared for the new wave of workplace restoration. It will give you an opportunity to improve workplace health and learn how to turn around a workplace or team in crisis. Training as a Workplace Fairness Analyst will allow you to understand how workplace culture and conflict interact and provide you with tools to assess your workplace. Enroll and better equip yourself to practice workplace conflict management in all its varieties.

What about ADR professionals? How can they benefit from this training?

ADR practitioners can learn more about conflict systems within an organization and how best to position your practice within a range of different consultative process. Take a consultative approach with clients to identify and problem solve the root of a situation to ensure you are offering the correct remediation. Help your clients take a more proactive or preventative approach to address conflict.  

The Advanced Workplace Restoration & Workplace Fairness Analyst Certification Training is offered in three ways:

Visit the Workplace Fairness page on our website to find out more information or to enroll in these courses.

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