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Why Mediators Should Take the Separation & Divorce Case Development & Screening Course

Monday, January 16, 2017 3:01 PM | Anonymous

We spoke with Joanne Munro about her favorite parts of being an instructor for our upcoming course,Separation & Divorce Module 1: Case Development & Screening. Below you can read her thoughts on the importance of the course for mediators and what students can expect to take home as practical skills.

“Mediators who work with clients who are separating and/or divorcing need to be aware of and know how to manage complications such as high conflict, mental health challenges, domestic violence, and the emotional intensity involved when couples and families are dealing with major life changes.

“I have been practicing in this field privately and for Alberta Justice Solicitor General’s Resolution Services for the past eight years. ADRIA approached me and two experienced colleagues to design a course for mediators from the perspective of what mediators new to this field need to know. So we started with a blank piece of paper and had the freedom to develop a practical and comprehensive 10-day course.

“Module 1 will provide mediators with an overview of the legislation governing separation and divorce, ethical considerations, and how to manage a mediation from initial intake through case development, screening and determining whether to proceed. Mediators will have ample opportunity to practice what they’ve learned.

Students will leave equipped with practical skills. They will have:

  • practiced mediating high conflict,
  • screened for domestic violence and high conflict,
  • practiced case development, and
  • mediated a realistic separation and divorce scenario.

“What is great about this course is that students will receive copies of pertinent legislation, templates, samples agreements and a myriad of other resources that took the course authors years to accumulate. We only wish we had been given these resources when we started out in the field!

“I enjoy helping students learn how to mediate high conflict individuals/couples, helping them understand the need and how to screen all clients for domestic violence to optimize safety for those involved, and having robust discussions around ethical dilemmas. I recommend this course for all mediators who want to get into the field of separation and divorce mediation.”

You can find more information about our Separation & Divorce Module 1: Case Development & Screening course and upcoming course dates on our website. You can learn more about Joanne's work on her website


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