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Workplace Harassment: Expected and Prohibited Conduct

While we all know there is a requirement to treat our colleagues, clients, and others we interact with at work with dignity and respect, sometimes inappropriate interactions creep in without our awareness or recognition.

This introductory presentation covers:

  • sexual harassment and bullying behaviours
  • affects to the targets of harassment and the overall workplace
  • respectful workplace behaviour and expectations
  • reporting and Investigative procedures and expectations

Speaker:  Ruthann Weeks, CRS

Ruthann Weeks is a People and Culture Strategist and founder of Harmony In The Workplace. She is a change agent whose efforts have helped to bring the importance of an abuse-free work environment to the forefront of public awareness. She is an author and gifted keynote speaker who delivers a powerful message about today’s workplace challenges.
Working as a Certified Resource Specialist in the human service sector, Ruthann went on to graduate as a Human Resource Manager. She is a Certified Psychological Safety Advisor and specializes in leadership development, people and culture, diversity and inclusion, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and mental health in the workplace.


Apr 28 2022
11:30 am - 1:15 pm


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