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Managing Conflict

**Note: Our public training courses are on hold due to current social distancing recommendations regarding the COVID-19 virus. Please stay tuned for future dates. 

We all have conflict in our lives. Whether you deal with others’ conflicts or have your own, becoming skilled in managing it can be a game-changer at home, at work, and at play. 

It may be tempting to say that the problem is “other people”, but we cannot change other people more than they want to be changed. Instead, students will learn ways to change what can be changed, the “negotiables”. 

In this course students will learn the importance of separating the person from the problem and skills that will help them discover previously unimagined possibilities for resolution. 


This course is designed to give you the basic skills you need to more effectively manage conflict, including:

    • Learn to separate the person from the problem, by:
      • Understanding your role in conflict
      • Learning to frame conversations around resolvable and neutral terms
      • Recognizing the difference between your perceived best solution and a wise solution
    • Gain a deeper understanding of your own and other’s needs and motivations, including how to uncover them, through:
      • Reflection, active listening, curiosity, and commitment to resolution
    • Find common ground and work towards resolution
    • Practice skills that are essential to conflict resolution, including some of those used by mediators, principled negotiators, and peace builders.


This interactive and applied training is designed to get students applying key concepts and practicing conflict management skills from the start of the course, so students will leave the course feeling able to start applying their new skills.

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