Session 2 Role-Play Schedule

Role Play Schedule for Sessions 2

The links to the role plays appear in the following schedule.

You will be doing the same role-plays for sessions 2, 4, and 5.

 Role Play 1 Role Play 2 Role Play 3
 #1 Tree Dispute
Roles: Mediator, Pat, Lee
#2 Smoking Policy
Roles: Mediator, Resident Representative, Manager
#5 Environmental  
Roles: Mediator, Jan, Bobbi
Mediator: Jeff
Pat: Kayleigh
Lee: Sarah H
Mediator: Kayleigh
Resident Rep: Jeff
Manager: Sarah H
Mediator: Sarah H
Jan: Kayleigh
Bobbi: Jeff
Mediator: Matthew
Pat: Sarah Y
Lee: Role-player
Mediator: Sarah Y
Resident Rep: Matthew
Manager: Role-Player