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How to Become a Mediator

I Want to Become a Mediator, Where Do I Start?

Basic Mediation Training

If you are looking to start your training to become a mediator, the information below can help you get started on your training path.

The first course you will need to take is Communications in ADR. This 40-hour course introduces you to conflict conversations and the micro skills needed to manage these conversations. This course includes a take home quiz and a role-play skills evaluation.

Once you have successfully completed the Communications in ADR course, the next course is the National Introductory Mediation course. This 40-hour course prepares you to effectively facilitate the interest-based mediation approach to resolving disputes. This course includes a take home quiz and a role-play skills evaluation.  

We currently offer both in-person and online options for these two courses. All of our courses can be found on our website’s course calendar.

These two courses (Communications in ADR and National Introductory Mediation) meet the minimum (80 hours) educational requirement for a Qualified Mediator designation. 

Please feel free to email with questions about our training.

Advanced/Specialty Training

Once you have completed the basic educational requirements you are strongly encouraged to take private coaching, join practice sessions, and seek practice opportunities in order to strengthen your skills. From there, you can go on to take advanced training in areas such as Separation & Divorce Mediation or High Conflict Mediation. Go to advanced mediation training for more courses.  

Mediation Designations

After obtaining the necessary training, experience, and skills requirements, you may wish to apply for a Qualified Mediation designation. Once designated it is your responsibility to maintain your continuing education credits. You can find out more about the Designation process and requirements here.

Membership & How to Register for Courses

Before registering for courses, you will first need to become a member of ADRIA. An Associate Membership is required to take courses and that is what we recommend for those just starting out. There is no application process, simply signup and pay the fee. Once you are a member then you can register for courses. 

Please feel free to email for membership inquiries. When applying for a designation you will need a full membership and your membership fees will be pro-rated to upgrade.

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