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Assertive Expression

Assertive Expression is part of the Approaching Conflict with Confidence series; this series offers online training to learn practical skills to better manage conflict at work and at home.

Many people confound assertive expression with being aggressive. But this is not the case. Being assertive is about expressing your rights and needs without hindering the rights and needs of others.

The ability to be assertive, for many, takes practice. But it is practice that is well worth it.

Assertive communication is about respect for yourself and for those around you with whom you communicate – it shows that you believe what you have to say is important, that you trust them enough to tell them what you need, as well as that you trust them to be able to hear what you have to say. 


This course is designed to give you greater confidence and skill in asserting your ideas, thoughts, and needs.

  • Learn to identify what you really need and then to ask for it.
  • Learn the principles and benefits of Assertive Expression
  • Practice “I Language”, Behaviour Description, as well as giving and receiving feedback in low-stakes and high stakes situations
  • Learn new tools for self-disclosure to balance out conflict conversations and to keep conversations productive
  • Understand the role of anger in conflict and how to use and defuse it


Students will have more skills for using assertive communication effectively and will be more confident using these skills in their daily lives, as well as in conflict.  Students will have opportunities to practice skills in ways that give them flexibility for use in their lives.

This course is also available as private training. 

* This course is not designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in Mediation. For more information on ADRIA's Mediation training, please click here first, or contact

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