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Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium

Edmonton, Alberta
May 15 & 16, 2018
Pre & Post Training May 14 & 17

Pre & Post Symposium Training

Maximize your learning experience with pre & post symposium training! 

Full day training is offered on May 14 & 17:

The Fundamentals of Boss Whispering *SOLD OUT*

Collaborative Divorce - Insight approach to conflict and conflict intervention

Cultural Competencies

Presented by ADR Institute of Alberta

This Session is now SOLD OUT

Pre Symposium Training

May 14, 2018
8:00am Registration & Networking
8:30am to 4:00pm

The Fundamentals of Boss Whispering 
Sylvie Matteau 

Coaching and Supporting Managers and HR Advisors in Addressing Inappropriate Workplace Behaviour


Managing inappropriate behaviour is no easy task for managers and HR advisors. Doing it poorly, or failing to do it altogether can have disastrous consequences for the team, the manager and the organization.

What to Expect from this Workshop

This one-day workshop, especially designed for ADR Practitioners, will provide you with a fundamental understanding of the dynamics behind such behaviour and reasons why managers and HR Advisors find this task so challenging; and often fail. It will provide you with the tools to coach and support them in a process that offers an informal approach that will set the basis to manage the individual’s behaviour in a positive framework; and that will also better lay down the grounds for a formal process, if required.

This workshop is based on Dr. Laura Crawshaw’s research and method of coaching abrasive managers also known as Boss Whispering (see Dr. Crawshaw’s Taming the Abrasive Manager, Viking Press, 2007).

Learning objectives

  • Learn a step by step informal approach for managers to better address unacceptable conduct and inappropriate behaviour: the intervention 
  • Learn why addressing such abrasive behaviour is so challenging, including unconscious fears and predictable defence mechanisms, and acquire concrete tools to help managers overcome them 
  • Gain insight into some of the reasons employees behave harshly towards others
  • Learn how to prepare a manager to intervene calmly and confidently to address inappropriate behaviour 
  • Learn how to prepare a manager to deal with the employee’s reaction and defense mechanisms

Your Facilitator, Sylvie Matteau LL.M., is the Executive Director of the Boss Whispering Institute of Canada and Partner at ADR Education. An ADR Practitioner for close to 30 years and former Vice-President of the Public Service Labour Relations Board, Sylvie regularly coaches executives and counsel organizations looking to improve workplace climate.

Presented by ACFP & CDAA

May 14, 2018
8:00am Registration & Networking
8:30am to 4:30pm

Collaborative Divorce - Insight approach to conflict and conflict intervention
Cheryl Picard & Jacinta Gallant

The study and practice of conflict resolution has matured and evolved in the past 20 years and this Workshop will help you update your approach, skills, and the way you think about conflict. You will learn about the Insight Approach to conflict and conflict intervention. In this approach, conflict is understood as an interpretation of threat to what deeply matters, causing ongoing patterns of defensive behaviour that block productive problem-solving. By focusing on the threats that cause people to defend, collaborative practitioners are provided with a framework to understand what generates, escalates and sustains conflicts so they can work with parties to bring about learning and change.

 In this highly interactive and experiential workshop, participants will discover new ways to view our role as conflict interveners and learn new skills and strategies to help us empower parties to change their defend patterns of interaction, facilitate new learning and enhance the parties’ abilities to make good decisions.

Early Bird Price (until April 12th): $250
Regular Price: $275

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Presented by the Foundation of Administrative Justice

This Session is now SOLD OUT

Post Symposium Training

May 17, 2018
8:00am Registration & Networking
8:30am to 4:30pm

Cultural Competencies
Narmin Ismail-Teja & Adrian Wright


This one-day workshop is designed to engage participants in intermediate to advanced discussions about a topic of national importance.

Canadians are diverse in their racial, ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds, representing over 200 ethnic groups. In 2015 the Truth and Reconciliation Commission issued calls to action for governments and educators which encourages training in cultural diversity, particularly about Aboriginal culture. Professionals need the appropriate skills and tools to be proactive.

Culture competence affects fairness, ethical conduct, and fact-based decision making. This workshop will help you understand more about the meaning and relevance of “cultural competence” and more about the nature of culture and its potential impact on behaviour.

Attendees will examine the possible effect of cultural differences on their communications, judging witnesses, assessing evidence, conducting a fair proceeding, decision making and decision writing. Participants will have an opportunity to identify best practices in dealing with issues of diversity.

Price: $499

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