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The Approaching Conflict with Confidence series is online training to learn practical skills to better manage conflict at work and at home.

Take one course in the series or combine them to enhance your learning and skill development!

Scroll down to read the course descriptions and to the very bottom to see upcoming course dates.

These courses can also be offered as private trainings for workplaces and groups. Please contact Tammy Borowiecki or visit our Corporate & Group Training page for more details.

* These courses are not designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in Mediation. For more information on ADRIA's Mediation training, please click here first, or contact

Understanding Conflict 

When we understand conflict (what it is, its value, where it comes from, and tools available), we are better equipped to do something about it and approach it more confidently. This course will develop your interpersonal skills and give you easy-to-use tools to approach conflict more confidently and effectively. 

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Managing Conflict

In this course students will learn the importance of separating the person from the problem and skills that will help them discover previously unimagined possibilities for resolution. This interactive and applied training is designed to get students applying key concepts and practicing conflict management skills, so students will be able to start applying their new skills.

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Assertive Expression

This course is designed to give you greater confidence and skill in asserting your ideas, thoughts, and needs. Students will have more skills for using assertive communication effectively and will be more confident using these skills in their daily lives, as well as in conflict.

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Defusing Techniques 

This course is designed to build an understanding of anger and defusing techniques students can use in their personal and professional lives. Students will practice active listening skills and assertive expression aimed at defusing difficult situations in this interactive course. 

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These courses are not designed for individuals interested in pursuing a career in Mediation. Find more information on ADRIA's Mediation training, or contact

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