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Conflict Skills for Bullying Behaviours

**Note: Our public training courses are now offered online. Stay tuned for dates.

This course is designed to build an understanding of bullying (relational aggression) from macro, meso, and micro levels so managers, supervisors, HR, and employees have a better understanding of bullying, and what to do about it in the moment and after the fact.

Students will learn about current legislation, about workplace processes and responsibilities, what bullying behaviors look like, and how these behaviours affect the workplace at the organizational and individual levels. 

Students will also learn practical skills for addressing bullying behaviours in the moment as targets and as bystanders, as well as what can happen after the dust settles and everyone is returning to work. 


Students will be introduced to bullying, concepts, legislation, and processes available, as well as skills to manage and halt bullying and restore relationships after the fact.

  • Learn about the policy environment in Alberta and the processes that are available
  • Understand why people bully and how people are affected by bullying
  • Recognize that in instances of bullying perception and reality are often one in the same
  • Learn how to uncover bullying and bullying behaviours
  • Learn key skills associated with witnessing and halting bullying behaviours
  • Understand possible approaches to restoring the environment after bullying has ended


Research shows that when people feel confident in the skills and abilities to deal with a problem, they are more likely to deal with the problem.  When people learn about bullying and understand what they can do about it, they may become effective interveners.

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