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Advanced Workplace Restoration & Workplace Fairness Analyst Certification Training


Top 5 Reasons to Attend

1. Prepare for the new wave of workplace mediation.

2. Understand how workplace culture and conflict works.

3. Improve workplace health.

4. Gain recognition from WFI and ADRIA.

5. Learn how to turn around a workplace in crisis.

This program combines a three day workplace restoration offering with a two day Workplace Fairness Analyst Certification process.

Enroll and better equip yourself to practice workplace conflict management in all its varieties.

Course Details

Day 1 The Wide World of Workplace Restoration

Through interactive activities and brief case studies, participants will explore the wide range of restoration options, including mediation, coaching, facilitation, and training and how they apply in different situations. Through discussion and lecture, participants also explore ethical dilemmas, and the various roles of the consultant, workplace leaders, the union, and subject mater experts.

Here we will explore the following mediation options:

  • employment mediation - i.e. mediation of common law wrongful dismissal claims
  • grievance mediation - the process used as a diversion from arbitration in unionized work environments
  • workplace interpersonal mediation - including two-party mediation and conflict management coaching
  • collective bargaining facilitation and mediation
  • workplace restorations

Most of this day will use group discussion as the pedagogical methodology. We will also provide demonstrations and roleplays to highlight the differences between these options. We will introduce a Mediation Approaches Model that accounts for the stark differences in these options.

Day 2 The Introduction to Workplace Restorations

Here we will lay out a model for restoring workplaces to a state of equilibrium. This will be focused on understanding trauma and its impact on workplace participants. We will take attendees through a number of scenarios that will help them understand the model and how it can be used to restore workplace health.

Day 3 Workplace Restoration in Action

Participants will be given a very elaborate roleplay to review in advance of the seminar. This day will be focused on running a workplace restoration throughout this roleplay. Students will take turns throughout the roleplay to act as facilitator and to discuss strategic moves at various junctures.

Day 4 Understanding Workplace Health - WFA Certification Part 1

Here we move to a structural analysis of workplaces with a focus on systems analysis and design. This is the beginning of the WFA certification process. We look at conflict and how it arises. We consider attribution theory and conflict transformation theory as a way of explaining how conflict manifests itself in the workplace. We also consider the role of fairness in conflict and workplace health. This will be an exercise and group discussion day. Participants will fill out forms related to their subject workplaces and share their insights throughout the day.

Day 5 Achieving Workplace Fairness and Psychological Health & Safety - WFA Certification Part 2

This day will be focused on evaluative models for understanding workplace structure. We will introduce the Psychological Health and Safety Standard and explore its potential use as an evaluative model for workplace health. We will also introduce WFI’s Testing Instrument for Fairness Systems and its use to help evaluate the strength of conflict management systems.

In the afternoon, we will explore methodologies for gaining organizational buy-in to the use of these tools. We will consider power relationships in each subject organization and strategize on how best to achieve commitment to change.


Blaine Donais, B.A., LL.B., LL.M., RPDR C.Med

Blaine Donais is a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, investigator and leading expert in workplace conflict management. He is author of Workplaces That Work (2006); Engaging Unionized Employees (2010); and The Art and Science of Workplace Mediation (2014) all published by Carswell. He is president and founder of the Workplace Fairness Institute. He is an instructor of workplace conflict management at York University and University of Toronto (Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources) and acts as Visiting Lecturer at universities around the world. He is also Academic Coordinator for the York University SCS Advanced Mediation Certificate Program. He is co- chair of the ADR Institute of Ontario Chartered Mediators Regional Assessment Committee.

Marjorie Munroe, Co-Director Workplace Fairness West

Marjorie Munroe is a Chartered Mediator, Ombudsman and Workplace Fairness Analyst specializing in workplace conflict resolution and assessment. Marjorie is an instructor and Mediation Assessor with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta ( and with Mount Royal University Continuing Studies (

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