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Specialized Training

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ADRIA's specialized training can be used for professional development to enhance your ADR skill set, or to complete a Program Certificate in Conflict Leadership.

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Conflict Management Coaching Workshop

Conflict management coaching, also known as conflict coaching, is a specialized niche in the field of coaching and conflict management. It is a one-on-one technique, in which a trained coach assists people to effectively manage specific disputes or prevent unnecessary ones. Conflict management coaching also helps clients to strengthen their competence to more effectively engage in conflict.

This specialized coaching process has wide application in organizational, family and other contexts - for coaching people to independently manage their disputes, to more effectively engage in challenging communications, and to participate with more confidence in mediation or other ADR processes.

Mediation Case Development

This two-day course is a must for those who wish to mediate in their workplace, or in private practice. Participants learn what types of disputes are suitable for mediation, gain an understanding of how to educate the disputants on the process procedural set-up, commitment, expectations, and understand the stumbling blocks that can come up during mediation. Mediation training is a prerequisite.

Mediation Role-Play Intensive

This two-day intensive mediation role-play training is designed to help you get to the next level of skill integration.  Expect to be challenged.

This training involves one hour of skill review and three back-to-back role plays each day.  Over the course of the two-days, each person will be skilled twice and unskilled up to four times.  For each role-play the mediator will be given one-hour to role-play, time for reflection, and 30 minutes of feedback from your coach.  Role-players will also be expected to provide feedback on each role-play.  Coaches will not hold back; feedback will be robust and comprehensive, intended to elevate your skill integration. If you are not interested in this intense format, please do not sign up.

Restorative Practices

This three-day course provides training in restorative justice practices, including circles, and will describe the various ways in which restorative practices can bring people together to connect and, in a deeply meaningful way, solve problems and address harm that arises from conflict. No prerequisite training is required.

Separation and Divorce Mediation: Foundations, Parenting Plans, and Child Support

This five-day course prepares mediators to manage a separation or divorce mediation from the time of initial contact, to creation of a mediated agreement, including parenting plans and child support.

Separation & Divorce Mediation: Spousal Support and Division of Property

Determining future financial support and separating property can be challenging for parties, and wrought with uncertainty and high emotion. This course provides an overview of the federal and provincial legislation that governs the calculation of spousal support and the division of property when couples separate.

High Conflict Mediation

Mediators working in Separation and Divorce and other High Conflict mediations need to understand and manage emotional intensity and challenges specific to this area of practice. This course prepares mediators to manage aspects of high conflict mediations, including safety screening, dealing with parties experiencing poor mental health, addictions issues, and/or domestic violence.   Mediators will be equipped with the tools to determine whether to proceed, and to mediate what can be high conflict discussions.

Preliminary Hearings & Hearings for Arbitration

These one-day courses are designed to provide students with practical interactive training in preliminary hearings and hearings for arbitration.  Students will have an opportunity to practice and role-play aspects of arbitration procedures. 

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