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Select & Appoint a Mediator or Arbitrator

Need help finding the right mediator or arbitrator with specialized knowledge?

ADRIA provides a fee-for-service Select and Appoint process for parties who need assistance finding a mediator or arbitrator with specialized knowledge to help resolve a disagreement, including contract disputes.

ADRIA's membership includes highly qualified and experienced ADR specialists representing almost every sector of Alberta’s economy. Many hold national ADR designations, in addition to qualifications in other professions such as law, engineering, and labour relations.

Benefits of Select & Appoint

Finding the right mediator or arbitrator to help you resolve a contract dispute allows you to:

  • have confidence in the appointed ADR professional

  • have confidence that the appointment process was fair and unbiased

  • save time

  • find a solution that works for all parties

  • avoid litigation and court costs

  • preserve your business relationship for future projects

In fact, you can make ADRIA's Select and Appoint process a recommended or mandatory method of selecting a dispute resolution process and professional. Read more about Dispute Resolution Clauses for Contracts.

To initiate a Select & Appoint process, ADRIA requires full contact information for all parties involved, including any legal counsel. The details of the contract are also useful. 

ADRIA can provide a list of three (3) or more qualified practitioners within five (5) business days, with biographies and fee schedules attached. The parties are then individually invited to exclude any candidate(s) and rank the remainder confidentially, before ADRIA issues an appointment letter within 10 calendar days of issuing the list.

Inquiries can be made to Executive Director Paul Conway at 1-800-232-7214 or 780-433-4881 in Edmonton at extension 111 or email

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