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Separation & Divorce Mediation Practicum program

In partnership with the Government of Alberta’s Resolution Services, this practicum offers students the opportunity to be mentored by experienced mediators in separation & divorce cases.

The practicum student will receive comprehensive hands-on experience with Resolution Services’ family mediation program and related services; providing them with insight into family court processes, the role of family court counsellors, and the "team" aspect of resolution services. 

Practicum Program:

The practicum student will be paired with a Practicum Supervisor from Resolution Services. A schedule will be set with Resolution Services that provides an opportunity to participate actively for a maximum of up to one year or as decided by ADRIA and Resolution Services in order to achieve Practicum objectives.

The practicum student and Supervisor will design a practicum schedule that will involve case in-take, observation of mediations and, depending on the skill level of the practicum student, an opportunity to co-mediate. The practicum student will have the opportunity to observe mediation styles from up to three different mediators. Feedback will be provided at the end of each mentored session and again at the end of the Practicum Program.

Upon completion of this practicum program, students will be asked to complete a Final Reflection and submit their Post Mediation Analysis with ADRIA.


Applicants must have a QMed designation and have completed the Program Certificate in Separation & Divorce Mediation (SDM).

ADRIA’s Program Certificate in Separation and Divorce Mediation is 68 hours of training over three modules: 

Separation and Divorce Mediation: Foundations, Parenting Plans, and Child Support; 

Separation and Divorce Mediation: Spousal Support and Division of Property;

High Conflict Mediation

Students that meet the qualifications are asked to complete the SDM Practicum application form. Practicum students will be selected in consultation with Resolution Services. Practicum spaces are limited and not all applicants will be accepted. Candidates will be interviewed and may be asked to mediate a role play scenario to determine their suitability for the program.

Upon completion of the practicum, students will receive a Practicum Certificate with hours for course equivalency.

The Practicum Program will initially be based in Edmonton and Calgary, with openings to come in some regional centers. Please indicate on the application which locations you are willing to work. 

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