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Multi-Party Mediation

Course Dates

Three Days (21 Credit Hours) 

Increasingly we are facing a world where the issues of the day are growing in complexity and the answers to those issues and questions requires information that is no longer in the purview of anyone person or organization. Multiple perspectives and information sources need to be brought into the discussion in order to create effective solutions. The diversity of perspectives and information brings with it conflict and tension which impede the ability of those involved to constructively address the issues. 

This course is designed to help people who want to bring individuals, industry, governments and other agencies together to develop unique, collaborative solutions to complex problems. These issues can be local, residents within a community seeking to address zoning issues, or provincial or national in scope, such as developing new rates for the use of pipelines, or setting new standards for education. This course builds on basic mediation training and develops an awareness of, and skills to address, complex multifaceted issues.


Bill Diepeveen has over 25 years experience in mediating and facilitating highly complex, and often politically charged, disputes. He brings extensive experience dealing with industry, citizen groups, governments, and NGO's, as well as twenty years experience in teaching. He has written extensively on the subject and was awarded the Lionel J. McGowan award by the ADR Institute of Canada for outstanding leadership in the field of conflict resolution.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the unique characteristics of multi-party dispute resolution
  • Have a clear understanding of the requirements to convene such a process
  • Understand the implications of working with government agencies
  • Understand the complexity of the assessment  component of the process
  • Be able to evaluate multi-party processes
  • Participate in role-plays based on multi-party dispute case studies
  • Understand  and practice the convening process

Who Should Take This Course

  • ADR practitioners looking to branch out into multi-party conflict resolution
  • New mediators wanting to add to their training

Course Requirements

ADRIA membership is required to take this course.

Learners must have successfully completed National Introductory Mediation prior to registering in this program.

This course is 3 days in length; full attendance is required to receive a certificate of course completion.

Course Fees

Cost for this course is $900 plus GST.

Course Materials

Course materials will be provided on the first day of class.

Learning Format

This course includes lecture, class discussion, role-playing, and small group work.

ADR Designation Qualification

This course qualifies as 21 hours of specialized training toward a Qualified Mediator (Q.Med) or Chartered Mediator (C.Med) professional designation.

Program Certificate Credits

Upon successful completion, this course counts as 21-hours of specialized training towards ADRIA's Program Certificate in Conflict Leadership.

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