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ADRIA's Organizational Members

If you are a full-time student, retired or temporarily unable to work, you can still maintain your connection to Alberta's vibrant ADR community through an ADRIA LINK membership.  Contact ADRIA at 780-433-4881 ext 110 or to discuss.

Those eligible for a LINK membership include:

  • Those who are fully retired from the workforce and not earning employment or contract income from any sector
  • Those with ADRIC designations, who have applied for and been granted ADRIC's permission to pause their designation OR have advised ADRIC of their retirement and have been approved to retain their designation (annotated as retired)
  • Full-time students at a recognized College, University or training program, including those who have temporarily withdrawn from employment or contract work to pursue full-time educational or skills upgrading
  • Those on maternity or medical leave for more than 6 months, or those caring for children or relatives on a full-time basis for more than 6 months
  • Those temporarily unemployed on a non-voluntary basis, and who have had no employment or contract income for more than 6 months
  • Those on a temporary sabbatical of 12 months or more from employment or contract work, for personal reasons including travel

LINK membership benefits are limited to:

  • Connectivity to the ADR community, ADRIA and ADR Canada (ADRIC) through newsletters, communiqu├ęs and limited publications
  • Member discounts to ADRIA and ADR Canada (ADRIC) conferences and events
  • National designation fees waived by ADR Canada (ADRIC), if applicable
  • Recognition, including long-term membership awards

Those  NOT eligible for a LINK membership, but who instead should consider a FULL or ASSOCIATE   membership, include:

  • Those planning to take ADRIA courses (Note - ADRIA training is not considered full-time)
  • Those who have not applied for and been granted ADRIC's permission to pause or have their national designation annotated as retired
  • Those who have not or will not be working for a period of less than 6 months
  • Those who have changed roles, contract or employment sectors (as ADR skills and qualifications are relevant and valuable to all sectors of our economy)
  • Those experiencing a drop in demand for their professional services
  • Those taking part-time College or University courses
  • Those who still require professional liability insurance because they continue to practice
  • Those who are semi-retired and still earning a professional income
  • Those maintaining a professional practice abroad

LINK members are NOT eligible for:

  • ADRIA course registrations
  • Professional liability insurance (Marsh Canada), aside from post-practice coverage if/where applicable
  • National designations, unless paused or annotated as retired by ADR Canada (ADRIC)
  • ADR Connect or ADRIA's Online Directory of ADR Professionals
  • Instructor or coaching opportunities, rosters, and Select & Appoint processes
  • Advertising in ADRIA publications

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Our main office is located in Edmonton:

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Edmonton, AB T6K 3L6

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