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Words That Change Minds: LAB Profile Practitioner Certification

Course Dates

Five Days (40 Credit Hours) 

Ever wish you had a magic wand that could motivate everyone, including yourself? Do you have difficult people in your life? It could be your kids, spouse, co-workers, boss or clients. Wouldn't it be great if you could understand and motivate them much more easily?

In this course you will learn how to detect, interpret, and use the secret language of each of these seemingly difficult people to create deeper levels of rapport and motivate everyone more easily. By understanding the five elements of personality, you will learn exactly where and how to tap into an individuals motivation. 

The LAB Profile®, developed by international trainer Shelle Rose Charvet, is a set of questions and a way of listening that anyone can feed into casual conversation or use as a formal survey for groups and it teaches us to pay attention to how people talk when they answer, rather than what they talk about. Even if a person answers the question indirectly, or not at all, he or she will reveal a pattern. As we become familiar with the questions and the kind of responses people give, we discover the patterns people use without having to actually ask the questions.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive LAB Profile® Certification through Success Strategies.

"(I learned) the importance of paying attention to how someone says something... using problem solving or visionary thinking."                              -Heidi M.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to handle difficult people in your life, including spouse, teens, bosses, and employees
  • Learn to cultivate high performance teams by resolving productivity-robbing conflict in groups or families
  • Ask simple questions to detect motivation triggers then use irresistible words and phrases to motivate everyone
  • Distinguish between manipulation and motivation
  • Practice profiling and interviewing desired employees in ways that ensure you will always hire the right person for every job, no matter how unique
  • Understand your own motivation style and leverage it to achieve your dreams
  • Learn to detect and transform limiting beliefs that may have impeded or blocked motivation 

Who Should Take This Course

  • Managers wanting to learn how to prevent, avoid, and solve communication problems 
  • Human Resources professionals hoping to understand, predict, and influence behaviour of individuals and teams
  • Business leaders who want to know exactly what language to use – or avoid – to motivate and inspire
  • ADR practitioners looking to incorporate new tools into their practice

Course Requirements

ADRIA membership is required to take this course.

This course is 5 days in length; full attendance is required to receive a certificate of course completion. 

Course Fees

The course fee is $1500 plus GST.

Course Materials

Course materials will be provided on the first day of class.

Learning Format

The instructor uses lecture to cover theory. Role-plays and partner work are used throughout the course.

Program Certificate Credits

Upon successful completion, this course will count as 40 hours of specialized training towards ADRIA's Program Certificate in Conflict Leadership.

ADR Designation Qualification

This course qualifies as 40 hours of specialized training toward a Qualified Mediator (Q.Med) or Chartered Mediator (C.Med) professional designation.

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