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ADRIA supports students in integrating the communication and conflict resolution skills they learn in our training by offering Learner Sessions, Coach Lists, and Online Practice Sessions. 

Learner Sessions - NEW

Starting in October ADRIA will start a new initiative to offer Learner Sessions, introducing new mediators to discussions on techniques and process. Learner Sessions are an opportunity for students and new mediators to take learning beyond the classroom and build a network of peers.  The first part of each session will have an initial topic for discussion with time for Q&A.  Following the discussion, you can form groups with your peers to practice your negotiation or mediation skills.  Each session is hosted by an experienced coach/mediator to answer your skills-based questions.

These sessions are offered at no cost however registration is required.

Upcoming Sessions

January 10 - Session cancelled, moved to February

February 7 - Hearing the Other Side of the Story

Hearing another party's perspective in a conflict can be difficult.  People want to hang on to their point on the drama triangle, be it victim or hero.  When someone peels off the villain label from their "opponent", they may feel like a piece of that label will stick to them.  Come experience what it can be like for a client to go through this shift and discuss strategies for helping them to save face and move forward.

Please bring a short summary of a conflict you were part of that was not resolved collaboratively.  Stories will be shared in class.

Session Facilitated by: Judith Lake, C.Med

Looking forward in 2018

What's keeping you up at night?  How can we help you in your learning journey?  Let us know what you would like to have us explore in our Learner Sessions.  Contact Jocelyn and let us know. 

Not in Edmonton?  Send us an email one week in advance and we will set up a ZOOM session to link you to the conversation.

Past Sessions

October 4 - Self Awareness

This session is designed to offer a discussion on the importance of critically thinking about your mediations.  Including "What could I have done better?", "How do I know I have done the best that I can for the parties?", "How do I assess my mediation after?" 

November 8 -  Managing Emotions

While not all mediations deal with emotions or relationships, many mediators will encounter difficult mediations in their practice.  How do you, as the mediator, manage your own emotions while acknowledging as well as diffusing strong emotions of the parties?

December 6 - Sharing your techniques

We've all had professional highs and lows.  This topic is meant to share techniques and questions that have worked well for you, and those that have been less than helpful.  Is there a question you have asked or heard in a mediation that has turned the tide or created a shift?  Is there a technique you have tried or have been thinking of trying?  What about the reverse?

Private Coaching

After you have completed the Communications in ADR or the National Introductory Mediation course, you may wonder how to integrate your skills and move to the next level.  Many students decide to get together with their classmates to create practice groups.  This is a great idea to start building your skills and your professional network.  

Once you have practiced with your cohort, you are encouraged to engage a coach to help make sure you are not developing bad habits, neglecting key skills, and to bring you to the next level.  A coach can join a practice group to give general feedback, or can give role-play feedback and one-on-one coaching.  

Coaches can help you prepare for:

          • Communications in ADR reevaluations 
          • National Introductory Mediation reevaluations
          • Supervised Mock Mediations for a Q.Med designation 
          • Role-Play portion of a job application process
          • Or, if you have been out of practice for a while

Contact Jocelyn for a list of coaches in your area.  Even if you are not in Calgary or Edmonton we may have a coach in your area of the province.  If we do not, take a look at our Online Practice Sessions (below).  Some of our evaluations can even be done online.

Coaches are private contractors and rates vary.  Please contact coaches for rates.


  • Registration is only open to ADRIA members - sign in to access

Online Practice Sessions

Using a web-based platform, learners can connect with each other from anywhere in the province to role-play negotiation or mediation scenarios while one of our experienced coaches observes and provides feedback and guidance. 

Who Should Participate

Those who have taken Conflict Management or Mediation training who would like to practice their communication or mediation skills, or experienced mediators looking for feedback to hone their skills.

Objectives and Benefits

  • You can earn educational credit hours towards your designation in mediation or towards your Program Certificate in Conflict Leadership when you participate in an ADRIA online session as the mediator.  For each 1.5 hour session as mediator you will earn educational credit for 1 hour (up to a maximum of 10 credit hours)
  • Dates and times can be set around your schedule
  • You will be able to receive quality coaching and thorough practice at your convenience
  • The skilled mediator or negotiator will be guaranteed one full role-play from beginning to end
  • Everyone will be sent their roles ahead of time so that you are prepared before hand
  • The coach will be able to see all participants but their own camera will be off so that the mediation feels more realistic
  • Participants will be able to learn from a broader group of coaches and have an opportunity to make connections with other learners from all across the province
  • Role-players will have the opportunity to observe a variety of mediator styles and hear a range of valuable coach feedback

Participation Requirements

Learners will get the most out of these sessions if they have some conflict resolution or mediation training.

The web application used requires you to have a computer with an internet connection, web cam, headset (or microphone and speakers) and a basic comfort level with this type of technology.

How It Works

Using the Zoom online meeting system, participants are able to role-play a mediation or negotiation scenario from the convenience of their home.

All online practice sessions are coached by experienced mediators with a minimum of a Qualified Mediator designation. 

For negotiation role-plays, each session is 1½ hours, allowing for a 40 minute role-play, followed by feedback from the coach. For mediation roleplays, each session is 1½ hours allowing for one hour of role-play followed by feedback from the coach. 

If you want to be the skilled negotiator or mediator, it is your responsibility to arrange role player(s) and to choose a time that works for all of you. Make sure the date you pick is at least one week away to allow our staff time to find a coach. To help you find role players, you can use ADRIA's online member forum for Online Practice Sessions to connect with other members, request role-players from anywhere in the province, offer to role-play for others, and suggest times. Note that forum participants must be ADRIA members.

Once you have arranged role-players and have a date and time, please register and pay for your session online. Only the person who will be practicing as the mediator in the role-play needs to register - you will be asked to provide the names of your role-player(s) and the time and date you have agreed to. When ADRIA has confirmed a coach for your session, you will receive a confirmation email.


Communication Skills or Negotiation



Negotiator: $95

Mediator: $95


Total: 1.5 hours (40 minute role-play followed by feedback, questions, drills)

Total: 1.5 hours (1 hour role-play followed by feedback)


You can choose your own role-play or you can ask ADRIA to choose one for you and distribute to your role players.  

If you have specific materials or competencies you wish to cover in the role-play, please inform ADRIA when you register.

Sign up for an Online Practice Session

Find role players and organize a time for your practice session: 

 Practice Session Forum

To register for a practice session as a skilled negotiator or mediator you will need the names of your role-player(s) and the time and date you have chosen for a practice session:

Register for a Practice Session


If you need a reminder, here is a copy of the facilitative Mediation Model.

Note that our online practice sessions do not qualify as a mediation or evaluation for the purposes of applying for an ADR Designation, but if you are working towards a Qualified Mediator Designation you can check the Qualified Mediator Supervised Mock Mediation form for the criteria you would be asked to demonstrate. If you are working towards a Chartered Mediator Designation, you can review the Chartered Mediator Assessment for the criteria you would be required to meet.

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