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High Conflict Mediation

Two Days (14 Credit Hours)

 Mediators working in Separation and Divorce and other High Conflict mediations need to understand and manage emotional intensity and challenges specific to this area of practice. This course prepares mediators to manage aspects of high conflict mediations, including safety screening, dealing with parties experiencing poor mental health, addictions issues, personality disorders, trauma, and/or anger.   Mediators will be equipped with the tools to determine whether to proceed, and to mediate what can be high conflict discussions.

"Extremely useful. I learned a lot about handling high conflict situations. … Excellent instructors as well."

 - Sue L.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize and address complicating factors in a high conflict mediation, including high conflict personalities, addictions or mental health issues
  • Understanding the ethics of high conflict mediations
  • Practice facilitating high conflict mediation through role-play

Who Should Take This Program

This course is for experienced mediators and advanced mediation students interested in working in Separation and Divorce and/or High Conflict mediation.

This course is part of the Separation and Divorce Mediation Certificate Program, but it is open to any student interested in High Conflict mediation.  This course may be taken by any student who has successfully completed the National Introductory Mediation course. 

"[This] course is relevant and valuable beyond specific separation and divorce work.  Learning … the challenges of high conflict personalities and opportunities for role-plays will benefit mediators in all fields." 

Anita V.S.

    Course Requirements

    ADRIA membership is required to take ADRIA courses and to register into our Program Certificates.

    Learners must have successfully completed the National Introductory Mediation course (or equivalent)

    This course is two days and full attendance is mandatory.

    Full course attendance of all three courses is required to qualify for the Certificate in Separation and Divorce Mediation.

    Course Fees

    The fee for this course is $800 plus GST.

    Course Materials

    All materials are provided in class.

    Learning Format

    This course includes lectures, personal reflection, and group discussion. Emphasis is placed on practicing skills and role-playing in small groups, each provided with a coach to guide the exercises and give feedback.

    Program Certificate Credits

    This course is a required course for the Program Certificate in Separation and Divorce Mediation. It also qualifies for 14 credit hours as an Elective Course for the Program Certificate in Conflict Leadership.

    ADR Designation Qualification

    This course qualifies as 14 hours of specialized ADR training towards the Qualified Mediator (Q.Med) and Chartered Mediator (C.Med) professional designations.

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