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Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium

Edmonton, Alberta
May 15 & 16, 2018
Pre & Post Training May 14 & 17
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Environmental Scan

Session #2: Where Are We?
Environmental Scan
Gordon Sloan

A participatory world cafĂ© exploring the broader ADR community; what is out there, what does everyone do, and where do we fit together. 

Environmental Scan Summaries

These are the unedited notes from your contributions. Copies can also be found at the registration desk. You are welcome to review the summaries and add any additional information that may have been missed or contribute information to a different sector. You can email with your comments. 


  • Sectors:
Separation & Divorce
Community & Faith-based
Administrative Justice, Boards, Commissions & Regulators
Restorative Justice, Restorative Practices, Indigenous
Workplace (Human Resources, Labour Relations, Union)
Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas
Family: Elder, Parent/Teen
Business, Commercial, Civil
  • Three rounds of table questions and you will have 25 minutes for each round

1.      How does our sector perceive itself? What do we have in common with the other sectors?

2.     What resources, processes and/or structures does our sector have to support its work?

3.     If there were to be a game changer to advance ADR for our sector, what would it be?.

The 2018 Alberta ADR Symposium has been developed and organized by the Government of Alberta Dispute Resolution Network and the broader ADR community including non-profit and educational organizations that support and promote the use of ADR:

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