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Education & Designations Standards Task Force

Are Our Training and Designation Standards High Enough?

This was an important question considered by the ADRIA Board of Directors recently, as part of their ongoing advocacy efforts for the profession.

Concerns have been raised regarding the Q.Med and Q.Arb designation standards, particularly in terms of the manner in which they are perceived by the public, and by the designation holders themselves. ADRIA has long supported entry-level designations for new practitioners, and maintains that the Qualified designations can be an important secondary qualification for occupations such as Law, Social Work and HR. This must be balanced, however, against requirements to protect the public and ensure that our practicing members progress their training and experience to achieve Chartered status.

To explore these questions in depth, the Board has assembled a Task Force to examine ADRIA's training and designation standards, including the ADRIC national courses, national designation requirements, and best practices elsewhere. The task force will make recommendations to the Board of Directors by April 2018 regarding the extent to which ADRIA should maintain or raise the Alberta training and designation standards (where allowed under ADRIC guidelines), and/or to what extent the ADRIA Board should advocate nationally for change.

TOR Education and Designations Standards Task Force July 2017.docx

Members are encouraged to submit their comments regarding this important initiative to the task force. Comments can be forwarded to

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