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Conflict Management for Human Resources Professionals

What would your workplace look like if the employees were empowered with conflict resolution skills?

Understand conflict and its impact on individuals and organizations so you can:

      • develop new communication skills,
      • introduce new HR policies & resources, and
      • encourage managers and employees alike to act as conflict resolvers in the workplace.

This course introduces Human Resources professionals to the field of informal conflict management and the broad spectrum of conflict management approaches available to organizations.

Learn about the dynamics of interpersonal conflict in the workplace, as well as how to manage conflict situations and high emotions from an HR perspective.

Be empowered with the skills and confidence to resolve conflict situations early, locally, and informally (ELI). 

Hear From Our Students

After his training, Chuck Smith saw a clear difference in how he could effectively approach and diffuse workplace conflict as an HR professional.

"During my ADR training I could understand how my approach and intervention with workplace conflict had many flaws. While good intentions and my natural communication skills that drew me to the HR field were always there, my ability to be effective in resolving disputes was lacking. I can honestly say, as a result of my ADR training the employees, management and my employer have been better served.”

Upcoming Course Dates

    • Thursday, September 24, 2020
    • Tuesday, September 29, 2020
    • 2 sessions
    • Edmonton ADRIA Classroom, #225 Tower 1, 3697 Millwoods Rd NW
    • 20

    This program combines a three day workplace restoration offering with a two day health and fairness assessment process. Enroll and better equip yourself to practice workplace conflict management in all its varieties.

    Top 5 reasons to attend:

    1. Transform troubled workplaces with this practical formula
    2. Understand how workplace culture and conflict works
    3. Address new workplace health and safety laws
    4. Improve Workplace health
    5. Guide your workforce to success with an innovative tool kit

    Choose to take the first three days as a Mediation Certificate (approved by ADRIC for 24 hours of Advanced Mediation Training), the last two days as WFA Certification, or choose both for the entire workshop.

    Blaine Donais & Michelle Phaneuf

    Blaine Donais is an internationally recognized expert if the field of Labour Relations and Alternative Dispute Resolution. He is a labour lawyer, mediator, investigator, facilitator and systems designer. He holds both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Law and is a Chartered Mediator. Blaine has worked as union staff for 20 years and has been a member and leader in unions for 35 years.

    Michelle Phaneuf provides knowledge and experience that help today's companies manage transformational improvement in working relationships and foster a psychologically healthy environment with engaged an productive employees. By leveraging strong facilitation and coaching skills, and a mediator's toolbox of strategies and processes,  Michelle can support organizations to plan and execute programs of workplace fairness.

    September 24-26 - Part 1 (Workplace Restoration)  (Thurs-Sat)
    September 28-29 - Part 2 (Health & Fairness Assessment Training) (Mon-Tues)


    3-Day Workplace Restoration:

    ADRIA Members: $1550 + GST

    Non-Members: $1650 + GST

    2-Day Workplace Fairness Analyst Certification:

    ADRIA Members: $1050 + GST

    Non-Members: $1125 + GST

    5-Day Full Program:

    ADRIA Members: $2500 + GST

    Non-Members: $2775 + GST

    *There is an additional $200 + GST one time certification fee for those seeking to become registered as "Workplace Fairness Analysts" with the Workplace Fairness Institute.

    ADRIA Classroom

    #225, Tower 1

    3697 Mill Woods Road NW

    Edmonton, AB

    Class Times: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm daily

    Prerequisites: Mediation training is beneficial but not required

    Note: a catered lunch is provided. 


Who Should Take This Course

  • Human Resources Professionals wishing to enhance their workplace conflict management skills
  • Organizational leaders or Human Resources Professionals planning to adopt informal workplace conflict management policies
  • Organizational leaders and managers who want to enhance their workplace HR/ADR knowledge and skills

Ask us about how this course could meet CPD requirements for CPHR Alberta.

Chuck Smith realized how the bigger picture of how his organization manages conflict could change after the Conflict Management for HR training.

“While the company I worked for recognized the value in using ADR to resolve disputes, the company policy did not contain clear instruction on the use of ADR. This is a huge area of opportunity for organizations to significantly improve their ability to have a respectful, attractive workplace. Much more needs to be done to help HR professionals to understand and implement an Integrated Conflict Management System (ICMS).”

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the cost of workplace conflict
  • Understand the sources and levels of workplace conflict
  • Understand organizational roles and responsibilities for the resolution of workplace conflict
  • Understand the role of the HR Professionals in preventing and resolving conflict
  • Describe Conflict Management Systems Design processes
  • Learn how to engage managers as conflict resolvers
  • Recognize the characteristics of various ADR processes
  • Describe the drama triangle and how it can impact conflict management
  • Understand the five conflict styles and describe their characteristics
  • Understand the roles that values and beliefs play in determining behaviour
  • Describe conflict management and interest-based resolution approaches and methods
  • Learn effective methods for dealing with difficult behaviours
  • Understand how cultural identities can intersect with conflict management styles
  • Define and apply critical skills for active listening and assertive speaking
  • Understand how to manage emotions
  • Understand ways of speaking that will increase the chances of being understood
  • Develop self-awareness of one’s own role in conflict
  • Understand barriers to communication and methods for addressing them
  • Understand the anger arousal process, anger triggers and defusing strategies
  • Discover the value of giving and receiving feedback effectively
  • Learn to integrate effective communication skills for conflict prevention and resolution in day-to-day interactions

Course Requirements

  • Five Days (40 Credit Hours)
  • ADRIA membership is required to take this course
  • Human Resources qualifications or experience is recommended
  • This course is five days long (seven hours per day); full attendance is required to receive a certificate of course completion


ADRIA instructors are Chartered Mediators with extensive mediation and instructional experience. Instruction will be augmented by skilled coaches, HR professionals, and panelists who bring a wealth of knowledge from their organizational and personal experience to the classroom. 

Course Fees

Cost for this course is $1800 plus GST.

Course Materials

Pre-course material is emailed two weeks prior to the start date and must be completed before the first day of class. 

Course and activity manuals are provided on the first day of class.

Learning Format

This course includes lecture, video, self-reflection, and group discussion. Learners also practice conflict resolution skills in small groups with a coach to guide exercises and provide feedback. Pre-course material and take-home assignments require up to 5 hours of self-study. There is no evaluation component to this course. Full attendance is required for a certificate of course completion.

Program Certificate Credits

While successful completion of this course counts as 40 hours of training towards the Program Certificate in Conflict Leadership, an evaluation component needs to be added to meet the pre-requisite requirements for ADRIA's National Introductory Mediation Course. Those who want to continue on to take National Introductory Mediation and/or complete the Program Certificate in Conflict Leadership can contact the ADRIA Education office for information about evaluations.  

Conflict Management for HR Professionals students may also choose to take ADRIA's Communications in ADR Reboot course in order to receive additional practice, complete a Skills Evaluation Role-play, and proceed with training. 

ADR Designation Qualification

This course qualifies as 40 hours of training toward a Qualified Mediator (Q.Med) or Chartered Mediator (C.Med) professional designation.

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