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Communications in ADR

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Explore our own perceptions of conflict and learn practical, hands-on skills to build a foundation in preventing and managing disputes in a productive manner. 

Through the study of theory, personal reflection, group discussion and role playing, you will begin to develop your skills in conflict communication. 

Gain an awareness of your own role in conflict. 

Understand barriers to communication and methods to address them. 

Learn effective methods for dealing with difficult behaviours. 

Begin to understand how cultural identities can intersect with conflict management styles. 

Learn to apply critical skills for active listening and assertive speaking. 

Develop skills to manage and defuse high emotions. 

Become skilled at giving and receiving feedback and speaking in a manner that will increase the chances of being understood. 

And more! See below for a full list of learning objectives. 

Who should take this course?

This course is for people looking for professional development to improve their communication skills and manage conflict in the workplace and at home.

Our students are professionals working in:

  • human resources, 
  • engineering, 
  • law, 
  • oil & gas, 
  • public engagement,
  • construction, 
  • and other industries. 

Communications in ADR is a prerequisite for some of our other courses and forms the foundation of further learning in conflict resolution.

This course can be used to complete the Certificate in Conflict Leadership.

It is a prerequisite for the National Introductory Mediation course.

Communications in ADR also qualifies as 40 hours of specialized training toward a Qualified Mediator (Q.Med) or Chartered Mediator (C.Med) designation.

Ask us about how this course could meet CPD requirements for CPHR Alberta.

For Alberta lawyers, consider including this course as a CPD learning activity in your mandatory annual Continuing Professional Development Plan as required by the Law Society of Alberta.

What will I learn?

The learning objectives are:
  • Define different ADR processes
  • Understand the drama triangle and how it can impact conflict management
  • Know the five conflict styles and their characteristics
  • Understand how values and beliefs determine behaviour
  • Describe conflict management and interest-based resolution approaches and methods
  • Learn effective methods for dealing with difficult behaviours
  • Understand how cultural identities can intersect with conflict management styles
  • Define and apply critical skills for active listening and assertive speaking
  • Manage emotions
  • Give appropriate feedback
  • Speak in a manner that will increase the chances of being understood
  • Develop self-awareness of one’s own role in conflict
  • Understand barriers to communication and methods for addressing them
  • Explore the anger arousal process, anger triggers and defusing strategies
  • Discover the value of giving and receiving feedback effectively
  • Work through conflict situations in role-play scenarios

What can I expect in class?

Pre-course material will be sent two weeks prior to the start date by email and must be completed before the first day of class. 

Course and activity manuals will be provided on the first day of class.

This course includes lecture, personal reflection, and group discussion. Emphasis is placed on practicing skills and role-playing in small groups, each provided with a coach to guide the exercises and give feedback. 

In addition to pre-course materials, students will have nightly homework, including readings and role play preparation. In order to successfully role play, prep is essential. 

Between Part 1 and 2, there will be an assignment where students are to watch a role play video and answer the corresponding questions. There is also an open book final course quiz at the end of the course.

Students do an evaluated role-play to demonstrate their skills on the final day of the course. 

What are the details?

The fee for this course is $2200 plus GST.

Your organization may be eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

ADRIA membership is required to take this course.

Full attendance  and successful completion of an evaluated role-play on the final day of the course is required to receive a certificate of course completion.

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