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Program Certificate in Conflict Leadership

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Learn the dynamics of conflict and receive hands-on training in communication and dispute resolution skills. The required courses for this certificate provide a foundation in conflict management and understanding-based mediation. Elective courses allow you to focus on specialized areas in this field.

The program is 180 hours of training (approx 27 training days). Successful completion of all course hours and the evaluation components results in a Certificate in Conflict Leadership. Learners have up to three years to complete all the courses and evaluations. 

If you are considering a career as a mediator, this program meet the educational requirements for application for the National Designations of Qualified Mediator and Chartered Mediator.

"I have been very impressed with the support the organization gives, as well as the professionals assigned to instruct. It gives the new learner a positive learning experience while at the same time, an impression of a collaborative and non-judgmental spirit amongst the professionals involved. That is hard to come by in many organizations."
                   - Andrea R.

Learning Objectives

Learn skills to manage conflict within relationships, communities, and organizations and to work toward positive outcomes:

  • Develop a clear understanding of your own perceptions, biases and attitudes, and how they may impact others in conflict.
  • Analyze conflict dynamics to determine the best approach to a situation.
  • Learn the communication skills needed for conflict resolution with a focus on self-awareness and assertive expression.
  •  Apply an understanding-based mediation process.
  • Integrate the knowledge and skills of effective facilitation to achieve outcomes that are inclusive, collaborative, and outcome-focused.
  • Develop skills for specific contexts through chosen elective courses. 
  • Understand the ethical and legal responsibilities of practicing ADR.

Learning Format

The program courses include lecture, personal reflection, and group discussion. Emphasis is placed on practicing skills and role-playing in small groups, each provided with a coach to guide the exercises and give feedback. Some homework is required.

Certificate Requirements

ADRIA membership is required to register in courses for this program.

Learners are expected to complete all courses and pass all evaluations within three years to obtain a program certificate.

Required Courses (80 Hours)


The following courses must be taken in order:



Communications in ADR



National Introductory Mediation Training



Elective Courses (100 Hours)

Choose from any of ADRIA's specialized training courses:



The following elective courses have no prerequisites:



Restorative Practices



Consensus Decision-Making**



The following elective courses require completion of both required courses prior to registration:



Conflict Management Coaching Workshop

29 or 33 


course description

High Conflict Mediation: Managing Conflict and Complexity in Mediation***

14 or 28

2 or 4

Mediation Case Development



Oil and Gas Fundamentals for Conflict Management Practitioners



Separation & Divorce Mediation: Foundations, Parenting Plans, & Child Support



Separation and Divorce Mediation: Spousal Support and Division of Property


2 or 4

**The Consensus Decision-Making course only requires the completion of Communications in ADR if the student wants the Certificate in Consensus Decision Making.  These two courses do not need to be taken in order.

*** High Conflict Mediation: Managing Conflict and Complexity in Mediation is also part of the Separation and Divorce Mediation Certificate Program.

**Note – as courses are updated, credit hours may change. You will be granted the credit hours that were given for the course at the time you completed it.  

Program Fees

Fees for the program total approximately $9500 - $12,000 (costs vary based on electives chosen)

Certificate Application Fee: $25 (upon completion of all courses)

Course Materials

Course manuals are included and supplied on the first day of each class. Any requirements or recommendations to purchase other books or materials are outlined in the individual course description. 

Application for Program Certificate

Upon completion of the required courses and 100 hours of elective courses, please download and complete the Program Certificate Application Form. Application fee is $25.

ADR Designation Qualification

Once complete, this program  meets the educational requirements for both the Qualified Mediator (Q.Med) and Chartered Mediator (C.Med) professional designations. More information about ADR Designations.

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