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Upcoming events

    • Tuesday, June 12, 2018
    • Friday, September 07, 2018
    • Kahanoff Centre, Calgary, AB

    Presented by AfMS:

    A Training in the Arbitration of Comprehensive Family Matters/Parenting Coordination on Separation, Divorce and Related Situations
    A five (5) day intensive contextual skills-based training program in the process, practice and role of the arbitrator, experts, others in arbitration

    June 12, 13, 14 and September 6 & 7, 2018

    Space is limited to 30. Register early to reserve your spot. 

    PRE-REQUISITE: A 40 hour comprehensive Separation & Divorce Family Mediation Training or equivalency. 


    On the continuum of dispute resolution systems, arbitration is a less formal process for the resolution of comprehensive family matters in separation and divorce than is court-based litigation with its more formal structure and rules. Arbitration offers flexibility for parties in the process, especially because of the opportunity for mediation within arbitration, to resolve such subject topics as:

    • parenting/custody/contact/access
    • child/spousal support
    • property.

    Family matters arbitration (“FMArb”) is linked to private Parenting Coordination as a topic-specific arbitration and court-ordered post-proceedings/order/s Parenting Coordination with a decision-making function (“PCArb”).  
    This training will clarify the role of arbitration in the primary dispute resolution system; party choice; jurisdiction; developing context, structure, implementation, procedure and rules for arbitration; pros, cons and pitfalls of arbitration; the role and responsibility of the arbitrator in arbitration and in relation to the arbitrator’s ordinary practice; the role of the court, lawyers, experts, child specialists, parties, and others involved in the arbitration; the involvement of child/ren; ethics in arbitration and in relation to the arbitrator’s ordinary professional role; and who should arbitrate in content-specific disputes.
    The core content for the FMArb/PCArb Training will include a thorough review of Alberta’s Arbitration Act (AAAct), its process provisions and related case-law and other legislative and case contexts, and the role of the Arbitrator within the AAAct. This will incorporate, within the process for arbitration and role of the arbitrator, the aspects of: role of the court; roles of the arbitrator as arbitrator and mediator, parties, lawyers, arbitrator's expert, other appointed experts, child consultants/specialists, and other involved persons; the inclusion of child/ren; overall ethics, ethical considerations, and ethical conduct in arbitration process and role; arbitration preliminary steps to the arbitration hearing, such as initial contact, retainer, drafting the arbitration agreement including informed consents to arbitration, intake, screening for domestic violence/IPV, signing the Arbitration Agreement with its informed consent, and thorough pre-arbitration preliminaries such as timing, setting the arbitration hearing dates and other-like related matters; through to the arbitration hearing including: managing content, evidentiary matters and rulings, and other related matters; to the conclusion of the arbitration hearing; the drafting of and releasing  the Final Award; the conclusion of the arbitrator’s role; the foundation for appeals; and the application and re-casting of arbitration process and role of the PCArb within PCArb with preliminaries such as contact with lawyers, drafting a PCArb Court Order PCArb Agreement other related contexts.


    The Honourable Nancy A. Flatters QC, LL.M. (specialisation: ADR), Retired Judge (Provincial Court of Alberta Bench: sitting in Calgary Family and Youth Court ("Court") and with some 35 years of hands-on-experience as a Mediator/ADR Practitioner and Judicial Dispute Resolution (JDR)/Judicial Settlement Conferencing ("JSC") Judge (the latter starting in 1998 when she piloted the Court’s JDR/JSC Project in Family and Child Welfare Matters and continued to her retirement within this as a Program of the Court). In 1985 she began her teaching and training practice, delivering programs locally, provincially, nationally and internationally, in diverse areas of Mediation, ADR, Court Reform, Access to Justice, Judicial Settlement Skills, Mentoring, Domestic Violence, Child Advocacy, amongst others, all of which continued during her judicial years.
    On retirement, she has a practice as a brief, directive, impartial, evaluative mediator and arbitrator particularly for low, medium, high conflict parents/parties and continues with her international teaching and training practice not only in the areas set out above, and continuing in Policing, Human Rights, Youth Dispute Resolution, Restorative Justice Practices, Collaborative Practices and adding in other areas such as Family Arbitration, Early Brain and Biological Development in Children 0-5 years, Recovery from Addictions, amongst others. She continues to add to her already long years of local, provincial, national and international volunteer work, including service on Boards, related to areas of Mediation, ADR, Judicial/Court Reform/Human Trafficking, and Children. More specifically just now to Calgary, she is the lead volunteer mediator/arbitrator for the Child in Mind Pilot Project, an avid Calgary Wee Reads volunteer, Mentor, and member of the Family Justice Reform Project.   
    Dr. Larry Fong, R.Psych, Mediator and Arbitrator for Family inclusive as well as non-family matters and with some 40 years of hands-on-experience as a mediator. Since 1992, as an Arbitrator conducting hearings in family matters, including parenting, support and property issues and as a CAMVAP Arbitrator where he arbitrates in car manufacturing disputes.
    As a registered psychologist, he conducts forensic assessments for courts, mainly in the parenting area and since 1982, has been a court appointed expert witness in three different Canadian Provinces. He is also an international trainer, including in some 15 countries, with training mediation and other training programs in family, business, custody assessment and evaluation, and amongst other areas. He has lectured to the judiciary from the Provincial Court to Supreme Court of Canada.
    He writes and publishes about mediation. His earlier career as a teacher and Child Welfare Supervisor/Mediator enhance his already extensive experience in mediation.  He currently is on the Executive Committee of AFCC in the United States.

    This skilled team bring their considerable and combined years of experience to this AFMS training. 

    More Information & Registration

    • Monday, August 27, 2018
    • Wednesday, August 29, 2018
    • The Kahanoff Centre, Calgary

    Organized by: 

    Elder Mediation is based on a wellness model that promotes a person-centred approach for all participants; it is mindful of the older person(s) while respecting the rights of each person participating. Regardless of the numbers present, each person is unique with his or her own narrative, intrinsic value, strengths and weaknesses. Through the Elder Mediation lens, aging is viewed as part of a continuing process of development and change, rather than just a period of physical and cognitive decline.

    This learning component will combine theory and practice throughout the 3 days. The curriculum is evidence based, practical, hands-on and stimulating. Through the development of concepts regarding Elder Mediation theory, integrated with skill building opportunities, participants will explore the following topics that are required hours for the Elder Mediation Certification program:

    • Balance of power and intersectionality
    • Myths, misconceptions & stereotyping throughout the entire circle of support
    • Implications of chronic health issues throughout the generations – how they impact the EM process
    • The grief continuum for all involved – implications for EM
    • Denial & ambivalence
    • Initial conversations role play & screening
    • Predictors of crisis
    • Capacity building for all who are present
    • Elder Mediation in action – role play
    • Financial abuse & ethical considerations
    • Referral processes
    • Legal/non-legal divide.
    For more information, and to register, visit the AFMS website:

    • Monday, October 01, 2018
    • Tuesday, October 02, 2018
    • ATB Arts Barn, 10330 – 84 Avenue, Edmonton, AB

    Presented by People for People

    The People for People Conference brings you another year of top tier speakers! Get up close and personal with renowned thought leaders and professionals including: Brain Smith, Founder of UGG Boots; Aaron Lyons, Master’s Degree in Conflict Transformation and a specialization in Victim-Offender Dialogue; Sarah Chan, Social Advocate and Wife of Mayor Iveson, and MANY more! Go now to to see testimonials from past participants. Check out the full line-up of speakers, and their presentation topics.

    October 1 – 9:00am to 6:00pm
    October 2 – 9:00am to 3:30pm
    ATB Financial Arts Barns – 10330-84 Avenue, Edmonton, AB


      $499 + GST

      Save $200 on your registration using promo code ADRIA! 

      DEADLINE for promo code is July 15, 2018. 

      Your conference package includes breakfasts, lunches, wine and cheese, and welcome gift bag. 

      Every year, people who attend this conference say that is unlike any other that you will attend… authentic networking, deep dive discussions, and practical takeaways. 

      Charities of Choice for 2018 are Little Warriors and The World Food Programme. 

      Register NOW!! 

      780.237.3123 (Kara Deringer)

      For more information about  People for People, please see the website.

      • Wednesday, October 03, 2018
      • Saturday, October 06, 2018
      • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

      Presented by The Association for Conflict Resolution 

      The Association for Conflict Resolution’s (ACR) 2018 Annual Conference will be held October 3-6 at the DoubleTree Hilton Green Tree, Pittsburgh, PA. If you are a conflict resolution/management practitioner or someone who is interested in creating a more peaceful community, this is the conference to attend.

      Here are some of the features of this important conference:

      • Over 70 workshops over 3.5 days
      • Continuing education credits available
      • Virtual Trak for those who cannot attend in person
      • 400 practitioners from the conflict resolution spectrum in attendance
      • Dr. Joshua N. Weiss, co-founder, with William Ury, of the Global Negotiation Initiative at Harvard University is keynote speaker on Thursday, October 4th
      • Youth Day on October 5
      • A Raffle on Thursday, October 4. How lucky are you?
      • An onsite bookstore
      • Numerous networking opportunities including a dinner cruise Friday, October 5th

      These are a few of the features of this year’s conference.

      Registration is available on ACR’s new website at We will continue to build out conference resources, and are excited to share new conference and website features in the coming weeks. This is our first event leveraging our new platform, so please share feedback with us through our Contact Us form on the website.

      If you have any questions, or would like support registering, please contact Cheryl Jamison at or 202-780-5999. If calling, please include your name, phone number, email address and how we can assist you.

      Call for Proposals Now Open

      • Thursday, November 01, 2018
      • Saturday, November 03, 2018
      • Southern Alberta Pioneers Memorial Building, 3625 – 4 th Street SW, Calgary

      Presented by: 


      Dr Tina Sinclair founder of Peacemakers for Families is delighted to welcome her colleagues from Melbourne to offer this intensive training. Find out about the 5 Step MELCA model and how the three pillars of Preparation, Process and Planning can result in success in two negotiation meetings


      Day 1 & 2 Participants will learn: • the principles of collaborative practice • interest-based negotiation • the shift to goal orientated negotiations • the role and potential of each of the professions • the power of working in a team • the skills needed to work in collaborative cases • how to engage clients into collaboration 

      Day 3 Participants will learn: • the MELCA 5 step process • how to help clients reach agreement in 2 joint meetings • the role and importance of case management


      3 days - $980 (early bird $880 by September 30, 2018) 

      Day 3 only - $480 ($425 by September 30, 2018) 


      This is an IACP Basic Training in Team Collaboration, offered by IACP trained trainers. Upon completion of the course participants will have met the minimum IACP requirements to work as a collaborative practitioner. ACP-Calgary credits 14 hours continuing education.

      Additional information in the attached file, here  

      • Thursday, November 01, 2018
      • Tuesday, November 06, 2018
      • 2 sessions
      • Edmonton
      • 18

      This program combines a three day workplace restoration offering with a two day Workplace Fairness Analyst Certification process.

      Enroll and better equip yourself to practice workplace conflict management in all its varieties.

      November 1-3 - Part 1  (Thurs-Sat)
      November 5-6 - Part 2  (Mon Tues)
      Attendance for all 5 days is mandatory
      Total Credit Hours: 40

      Millbourne Market Mall
      #225, Tower 1, 3697 Millwoods Road NW 
      Edmonton, AB T6K 3L6

      Blaine Donais & Marjorie Munroe

      Blaine Donais is a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, investigator and leading expert in workplace conflict management. He is author of Workplaces That Work (2006); Engaging Unionized Employees (2010); and The Art and Science of Workplace Mediation (2014) all published by Carswell. He is president and founder of the Workplace Fairness Institute. He is an instructor of workplace conflict management at York University and University of Toronto (Centre for Industrial Relations and Human Resources) and acts as Visiting Lecturer at universities around the world. He is also Academic Coordinator for the York University SCS Advanced Mediation Certificate Program. He is co- chair of the ADR Institute of Ontario Chartered Mediators Regional Assessment Committee.

      Marjorie Munroe is a Chartered Mediator, Ombudsman and Workplace Fairness Analyst specializing in workplace conflict resolution and assessment. Marjorie is an instructor and Mediation Assessor with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta ( and with Mount Royal University Continuing Studies (

      Class Times: 8:30am - 4:30pm daily

      Prerequisites: Mediation training is recommended.


      • Wednesday, November 21, 2018
      • Friday, November 23, 2018
      • Montreal, Quebec

      Presented by ADR Canada

      The dates for the ADRIC 2018 AGM and Annual National Conference have been set!

      Saves the dates November 21-23 and plan to attend in Montreal!

      Conference Flyer

      Conference Sponsorship Opportunities - first come first served!

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